Seven Steps to get a good posture

1. Legs parallel to your hips
2. Unlock your knees
3. Pelvis slightly forward
4. Hands to elbows
5. Reach out for stars. (Stretch your hands )
6. Drop your arms only your arms
7. Chin slightly dropped


Points to consider when practicing voice

– Work on total production
– Practice thoroughly Legato(smooth), sustenuto
– Clear and correct diction and understanding
– Always be careful of intonation always sing in tune
– Ability to sing along phrases
– Sight reading is important for fast reading
– Agility – Scales rapidly and arpegios passage( ornaments / improvisation for musicality)
– Test the range and tonal colour from extreme sambre to brilliancy of quality
– Different dynamics from ppp(very soft) to fff(very loud)
– Vary the moods by changing interpretation.

Understanding my Voice

Enjoy the first discovery about the voice and the ability s the singer from group singing to a soloist.Several talented singers never had an opportunity to focus on the correct ways of singing by reading this book (Understanding my voice by Thuli Msomi) you’ll start to understand what does it take to be a musician.